Savi’s vision is to deliver a distinctive consulting experience to our clients on a daily basis. We will deliver exceptional business value with integrity, confidence and mindfulness. Our aim is to create long term relationships with our clients, maintain a focus that meets deadlines and deliver benefits to clients. Our consultants display growth mind-set who are ready for a change and resilient to challenges in managing client projects. We focus on impact that we can make for the client with a strong engagement team with business acumen, technical capabilities and whole leadership

The Savi Approach

  • Understand your Client Needs

  • Managing client’s expectations

  • Adding Business Value to project undertakings

  • Deliver quality work product

  • Build long-term relationships

Engagement Management

  • Current state analysis - Review Client Material and build our understanding
  • Conduct interviews and perform analysis
  • Assess desired future state
  • Align current state findings to CxOs
  • Align recommendations to design principles and Strategy
  • Provide recommendations for next steps with Design phase of work product