Physician revenue management cycle involves several complex interactions between patients, office personnel, insurance companies and office billing staff. The breakdown in communication between these parties is often responsible for lost revenues and increasing costs.

By using automation in optimal portions, MSS shall be able to bring down overhead expenditure while increasing the revenue for its physicians. MSS will make sure to maintain historical collections figures while also continually evaluating your practice to increase these figures.


  • Decrease cost of operation
  • Increase revenue realization
  • Maintain & increase historical collections figures



  • End to End RCM services with Automated processes.
  • Cost Saving & Feasible Invoice Module.
  • Tracking physician billing for accurate reimbursement.
  • Correct coding at pre-claim filing stage for physicians.
  • Support for Credentialing, ERA, EDI & EFT enrollment.
  • Support in participating Government incentive program.
  • Regular compliance audits to HIPAA.

MSS’s Revenue Cycle Improvement System


MSS’s Auto-regulating Process Flow to Increases Revenue, Enhances Cash Flow and  Reduces Write-Off’s


  • Scheduling and Patient Registration
  • Charge Posting
  • Payment Posting
  • Denial Management
  • Insurance Follow-up
  • Self-pay Follow-up

Revenue Cycle Optimization Consulting Services

Prepare for Change and Ensure Long-Term Success
Automating and modernizing your workflow with solutions from Experian Health is a proven method to enhance your revenue cycle. But how do you ensure that your staff is optimizing their use of these powerful products and achieving the best results? As reimbursement models change, it’s more important than ever to maximize your return on investment.

Achieve Strong Operational and Financial Results
When you partner with Experian Health, we’ll arm you with a powerful combination of technology, data analytics and expertise to help your organization maximize efficiency and ensure positive financial results.

Performance Optimization and Lifecycle Consulting Services from Experian Health can provide you with the following and more:

  • Workflow and best practices recommendations
  • Change processes documentation
  • Reporting and analytics to support ongoing optimization
  • Bi-monthly analysis and reporting on product usage, productivity and results
  • Quarterly site visits to discuss best practices and optimization

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