With the revolution in the mobile technology, it is challenging for global Banking and Financials institutions to deliver their services and offers on customer mobiles securely. Mobile Banking Application (MBA) is a strategic and innovative solution designed and executed at Savi Technologies Inc to help banking and financial institutions with a solid, secure and robust platform where they can build their own customized Mobile banking IOS/Android app. We also offer

Supporting the transition to Mobile banking

  • Allow banks to differentiate in customer service and meet demand
  • Provide technology to staff to improve sales in the field

Moving from customer retention only strategy to revenue strategy

  • Mobile banking opportunities to fee revenue that are absent in online banking
  • Partnership opportunities among banks, carriers, device makers (Apple, Google, Samsung etc..) and retailers for mobile wallet

Powered by strong predictive capabilities, MBA platform offers that are at the core functionalies of the financial instituions. 

Non - transactional

  • Information based
  • Alerts
  • Statements


Basic transactions

  • Money transfers with in the bank,
  • Bill pay
  • Account administration - Sign in with your saved fingerprint or Touch ID™
  • Check deposit/remote deposit capture
  • Money transfers outside the bank
  • Adding payees (onboarding of payee/merchants)
  • Click to call/ Appointment schedule
  • Report a lost or stolen card and order replacement cards
  • Rewards
  • Funding  cards


Advanced transactional

  • Location information services (E.g., ATM searches, banking center searches... )
  • P2P payments (E.g.,using mobile numbers, email to transfer funds )
  • PFM ( e.g., Mint or Yodlee) and account aggregation Mobile Social media (E.g., P2P using social media, or allowing customer to "follow" via banks Facebook and Twitter sites)
  • Security/Fraud (E.g., turning debit cards On/Off)
  • Mobile support for online only bank Contactless payments  (E.g., Apple pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Paypass or Blink)
  • Mobile Wallet (E.g., Google Wallet, Paypal .. )
  • Mobile payments for retailer (E.g., Square, Intuit Gopayment or Paypal)
  • Location based marketing (E.g., Shopping, coupons..)
  • Accelerometer (E.g., PNC Virtual Wallet - "Shake" to move money
  • Bump (E.g., Paypal and ING Direct use this to move funds) 


Employee Mobile banking

  • Customer service
  • Tablet based loan applications for loan officers
  • Sales
  • CRM
  • Marketing
  • HR/Administrative
  • Market intelligence



  • Mobile Banking app on Your iPhone®, iPad® and Apple Watch®
  • Mobile Web
  • Text Banking 


  • Mobile Banking App on Your Android™ and Android watch
  • Mobile Web
  • Text Banking 

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