Savi Technologies Salesforce practice is dedicated to provide best salesforce implementations and lies on Top in the market. We have great background on End-to-End implementation of salesforce. Making our clients feeling comfortable and happy is our first priority. We have experience in Implementing Sales, Service, Marketing, Communities, government and Health clouds. Keeping data secured for the clients with best Security model designs for each individual Client is our specialty.

Implementation of salesforce for Mortgage industry:

Our Salesforce implementation has helped Loan officers and sales users to have ease of use than any other mortgage tools. Our Implementation of Buyers and Sellers agent information in salesforce associated to a loan has made them access the data and work along the users. The Community cloud Implementation has opened their market USA wide, where users are able to apply the loan in less than 3 minutes. The internal service cloud implementation for Sales users helped the company to have organized order of service execution.

Implementation of Salesforce for IOT industry:

We Installed and maintained the CPQ Implementation in clients salesforce org, where the Sales users were able to sell the Gadgets, Cables, Hardware components and Bundles to meet their monthly targets. Integration with multiple external systems like Totango for customer success, Big Query for calculation of Shipping cost, Lane four application for Round robin assignments of Leads/Accounts to the internal users are few of highlighted many successful implementations.