Job location: Newport Beach, CA

Job Type: Full Time

Experience: 5 Years

Education: Masters/ Bachelors in Science

Desired Experience

  • Provide Master Data Management (MDM) Leadership by working with the business and data governance groups to help the client develop their MDM program
  • Must have excellent business communications skills. Guide data stewards and data owners in developing MDM ownership, workflow processes, and seamless user experience.
  • Provide overall design and development guidance to the MDM technical team
  • Analyze the Source data and do data Profiling as needed to support design work
  • Lead the effort to gather the Business Rules, matching strategy, Survivorship rules from the Business
  • Manage the MDM Model
  • Work with the technical team in developing MDM rules
  • Validate the Mastered Data
  • Define strategy for Data cleansing and Standardizing.
  • Collaborate with Business in demonstrating the Mastered data
  • ¬†Provide MDM usage statistics that show the benefits of various MDM processes
  • Document the MDM rules and Business definitions.
  • Agile experience desired
  • Needs excellent SQL and data analytical skills