Advisory & Engagement Management

Consulting - Advisory & Engagement Management

Savi's vision is to deliver a distinctive consulting experience to our clients on a daily basis. We will deliver exceptional business value with integrity, confidence and mindfulness. Our aim is to create long term relationships with our clients, maintain a focus that meets deadlines and deliver benefits to clients. Our consultants display growth mind-set who are ready for a change and resilient to challenges in managing client projects. We focus on impact that we can make for the client with a strong engagement team with business acumen, technical capabilities and whole leadership

The Savi Approach
  • Understand your Client Needs
  • Managing client's expectations
  • Adding Business Value to project undertakings
  • Deliver quality work product
  • Build long-term relationships
Engagement Management
  • Current state analysis - Review Client Material and build our understanding
  • Conduct interviews and perform analysis
  • Assess desired future state
  • Align current state findings to CxOs
  • Align recommendations to design principles and Strategy
  • Provide recommendations for next steps with Design phase of work product

Savi Client Deliverables (Example)

Our Savi's engagement team will help facilitate engagement for all types of project engagements with a vision to partner with your project steering committee and our project engagement partners. We will work with your key business functions to assess current state problems and share recommendations and improvements for to-be future state with an execution plan

  • Detailed Customer Master Requirements
  • Future State Data Model with Hierarchies
  • Customer Attribute Data Dictionary
  • Data Enrichment Processes
  • Cleanse and Dedupe Customer records
  • Enrich cleansed customer records
  • Implement & Configure new data Hub
  • Data Migration