Agile Project Delivery

Consulting - Agile Project Delivery

At Savi we enable our clients with their agile journey by touching all functions of their operating model and addressing governance, people, and technology. As part of the agile transformation, we guarantee the transformation incorporates collective ownership and accountability.

Savi's approach also recommends that at the forefront of Agile Transformation it is important to scope, create and provide guidance for critical roles in the organization such as product manager, product owner, agile coach, scrum master, supported by the cross-functional pods who are responsible for delivering business value.

Savi's guidance for developing innovative products using an agile process.
  • Determine the vision: Articulate the vision for the product or improvement.
  • Identify the leap of faith hypotheses: Identify the leap of faith hypotheses that must be true for the business model to be successful.
  • Conduct MVP testing: Test the leap of faith hypotheses through rounds of MVP experiments with real customers, making adjustments based on feedback and metrics.
  • Pivot or persevere: Use the results of MVP testing to identify the Minimum Marketable Product (MMP)—the smallest version of the product that would be viable in the market.
  • Accelerate: If the innovation is disruptive, accelerate rapidly to capture the market before incumbents and competition can respond.
Savi's Agile Guidance includes
  • Confirmed delivery/release date, date range or timeline.
  • Confirmed iteration cadence (where time boxed planning is practiced).
  • Confirmed goals and objectives for the planning period.
  • Risks
  • Feature dependencies.
  • Confirmed scope: Features committed to the upcoming planning cycle, also known as the quarterly (or release) backlog.
  • Features may be grouped into two subsets: committed features (features that will definitely ship) and target features (features the group plans to deliver but does not fully commit to).
  • Work items for the first two to four weeks have been split and meet the story DoR.
  • Quarterly/feature implementation plan (quarterly roadmap) has been agreed upon, indicating features, events, and milestones across the planning period.

Our Agile Process

  • Detailed Customer Master Requirements
  • Future State Data Model with Hierarchies
  • Customer Attribute Data Dictionary
  • Data Enrichment Processes
  • Cleanse and Dedupe Customer records
  • Enrich cleansed customer records
  • Implement & Configure new data Hub
  • Data Migration