Solutions - LoanWisk

Loanwisk is a mortgage application and helps to capture, maintain and process the mortgage loans with the real estate market. This application is native to salesforce crm. You can assign these loan applications and capture as leads within salesforce crm. And later be assigned these leads and opportunities to the respective sales teams. Loan applications can be filled out and submitted from the website.

High level features are as follows:

  • Capture the demographic, monetary and credit information within the loan application.
  • Application submission process is captured from form the website and can be integrated into salesforce crm
  • Sales team can identify, access and work on loan applications. It can be tracked under leads and opportunities process.
  • Manage and track Loan approval process.
  • Native to Salesforce CRM
  • Mortgage calculator helps the lenders to calculate their EMI.
  • Get the 360 degree view of Loan Applications with customers