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Cloud commerce empowers retailers to unify customer experiences across all points of commerce - web, social, mobile and store. From shopping to customer service, the Cloud Commerce delivers 1-to-1 shopping experiences that delight customers, increasing engagement, loyalty and conversion. With Cloud Commerce and embedded predictive intelligence, Cloud Commerce delivers customer satisfaction and growth from planning to launch and beyond.

Commerce leverages disruptive technology to bridge the gap between two realities: consumers and their escalating expectations, and the challenges that retail brands face with legacy software, IT organizations that can't keep up and marketers who want to leverage new technologies and channels to engage those consumers more effectively. Cloud Commerce enables brands and retailers to engage with consumers in entirely new ways. We empower our customers to innovate at whatever speed, and in whatever direction, they imagine.

Our Mission

Cloud Commerce empowers brands to engage with customers in entirely new ways, including online, on the go and with empowered associates in stores.

Our Cloud Commerce Advantage

Faster Innovation

Move faster and deliver innovative customer experiences without delays or dependencies.

Business User Productivity

Empower users with role-based UIs and real-time insights into all critical data—customer, product, order, inventory, and more.

Streamlined Management

Manage all channels, brands, and geographies with a single, comprehensive platform—even when multiple sites, languages, and currencies are involved.

Cloud Innovation Model

Harness the power and agility of the cloud, including seamless upgrades, an open standards-based development and customization environment, and a rich ecosystem of technology partners.

Predictive Commerce

Product Recommendations

Recommend the best products to any customer on any channel—even if they are shopping anonymously.

Commerce Insights

Leverage data-driven insights for smarter merchandising and store planning.

Personalized Content

Predict what email content and product assortments will resonate with each customer for maximum impact.

Unified Experiences

Create seamless shopping experiences across channels, and streamline operations.

Digital and Store Integration

Unify digital channels with the store to deliver seamless shopping experiences, operational coordination, and a single view of customer, product, inventory, and more.

Personalized Journeys

Deliver personalized experiences at every touchpoint by leveraging the customer's complete history across all channels.

Distributed Order Management

Deliver the “buy anywhere, fulfill from anywhere, service anywhere” experience with single, real-time view of all orders, inventory, products, and promotions occurring both online and in the store.

Commerce and CRM

Combined with other Salesforce clouds, Commerce Cloud becomes part of a complete customer success platform, powering everything from commerce to marketing, customer service, community, and beyond.

Product Scope

Central to the Cloud Commerce platform are the Core Commerce solutions, which provide essential capabilities to meet the transactional needs of any enterprise seeking to create revenue from digital experiences.


Our sophisticated catalog management solution makes handling complex product lists simple and elegant. Manage digital, physical using rich data and flexible attribute structures.

Multi-store and multi-language Physical, digital, and hybrid products Flexible product attributes Flexible SKU options Compatibility with CMS or PIM platforms


Built for innovative businesses where merchants collaborate closely with brand marketing, our merchandising solution offers robust tools for optimizing your offering mix to drive conversions. Cross-sells, up- sells, product recommendations, and support for advanced bundling mean that you can execute merchandising plans without compromise.

Cross-sell products Up-sell products Replacements and accessories Recently-viewed products Support for advanced bundling


Cloud Commerce provides an advanced and responsive price engine. Now, pricing can be personalized alongside marketing content, empowering merchants to create effective, real-time pricing strategies based on audience, campaign, purchase history, and other customer-based scenarios.

Personalized pricing
Sale pricing


Drive engagement, loyalty, and revenue with a sophisticated rules-based promotion engine.

Product promotions
Shopping cart promotions
Multiple coupon types
Promotional teasers

Search & Browse

Cloud Commerce Search and Browse provides structured content discovery tools that complement the presentation capabilities of your CMS or marketing cloud solution.

Personalized content
Multi-attribute product search
Offer management
Compatibility with CMS platforms

Cart & Checkout

At the heart of Cloud Commerce is a transaction engine designed to increase digital revenue.

Persistent, omnichannel carts
Registered and anonymous users
Shipping and taxation
Tokenized payments
Modular functions designed for CMS platforms

Order Management

Cloud Commerce provides essential order management capabilities that can be integrated into complex enterprise workflows

Customer order history
Modify and cancel orders
Returns, refunds, and exchanges
Basic inventory and warehouse support

Best Services

Ecommerce Consulting

Savi offers a complete portfolio of professional ecommerce services encompassing ecommerce consulting, design, implementation, systems integration, training, and support services to aid the delivery of world-class ecommerce solutions

Enhancing the customer experience

Information architecture, user journeys, workflows, interactive functionality, community & social and design.

Systems Integration

ERP & accounts integration, Payment Service Providers (PSP's), CRM integration, Order management & fulfilment systems, Legacy Systems.

Global Ecommerce

International capabilities for fulfilment & warehousing, payment, tax, returns, currencies & languages.

Omnichannel Solutions

Merging your online and offline channels to deliver fully integrated omnichannel solutions.

Commerce Optimization

Promotions Engine, Advertising System, Triggered Email

Testing Services

Integration Testing, UX/UI Testing

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