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Savi offers Digital application development services for all businesses. Our Consultants create apps for startups and enterprises

Our Experience in Digital Apps

Increase in mobile users in the first three months
Increase in search efficiency
Customer Base Increase in 6 months
Asking the right questions

What problem is your app trying to solve and how?

What is unique about your mobile app and can it be monetized?

What else do you think your app users would be leveraging?

What business models do competing apps use and how well have they worked?

Mobile App Development

Development Audit

Native iPhone App Development

iPhone UI/UX App Design, Android Design

iPhone , Android App Testing

How we do it ?

Understanding the unique design challenges associated with mobile apps

Setting up your Android and iOS development environments

Mastering Eclipse development tools for Android and Xcode tools for iOS

Reliably integrating persistent data into your apps

Using lists (Android) or tables (iOS) to effectively present data to users

Capturing device location, displaying it, and using it in your apps

Publishing custom apps internally within an organization

UI/UX Design Services

User experience


Cross-platform deployment


Supply Demand management of programming expertise