Data & Analytics

Technology - Data & Analytics

Savi's Data & Analytics Practice enables clients to achieve insightful performance through data. We work with clients to built data-driven organizations, providing consulting strategy, implementation execution, and operational support

Our Experience in Data & Analytics

BI Projects
Tableau Certified
Alteryx Certified

Assess Business Challenges and Help choose the perfect Analytics product

Identify Business Use Cases and Prioritize execution

Proficient in Data Visualization and Build Operational Dashboards for Executive Leadership and CxOs

Business Intelligence

Establish BI Framework, Current State Issues and Root Cause Analysis

Help BI alignment with Business Goals, Objectives and Guiding Principles

Develop BI Strategy and Roadmap for ANY technology implementation

Data Strategy

Align with Organizational OKRs and establish key business use cases for Data Organizations

Enable modern data lake architectural platform, Data Integration processes, and Microservices Manage, lead and execute

Master Data Management Implementations and help establish Data Governance Procedures

Build 360-degree view of Customer, Product information and hierarchies to enable up-sell and cross-sell

Data Migration

Specialize in migration ON Prem Data to Cloud Infrastructure